"Thank you, Agata! I loved it all and I can honestly say it's done SO MUCH for me - so much more awareness in the tension I carry, posture, facial expressions, relaxation, but ,most importantly, it was SO WONDERFUL to have something that I did just for myself. I looked forward to our sessions every week- you are such a joy to be around. Your positivity was infectious and so wonderful!!Thank you for everything!

-- Katie

"This is an amazing experience! I never knew I had so much tension in my face and how much it actually shows. Face Yoga with Agata has given me quick and strong results! My posture has improved, symptoms of TMJ and headaches have drastically decreased, the amount of relief I fell everyday now is incredible. I am so happy I tried the six week course!"

- Lauren

"Face Yoga with Agata was such a wonderful experience. She is extremely knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging. Not only did I see dramatic improvements in my facial tone and firmness and my droopy eyes, but I also gained more confidence and a healthier lifestyle through the process. I am thrilled with my results and the knowledge and tips that I received will benefit me for years to come. I am so grateful to have had this experience and that an opportunity like this exists in Bismarck. Not only was the Face Yoga a unique experience but being able to have class in the Salt Caves was added bonus. I encourage everyone to do this for themselves. It will be well worth it.

- Bonnie